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The night of Ivan Kupala.

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The night of Ivan Kupala. Empty The night of Ivan Kupala.

Сообщение автор SergeiRozen в Пн Июл 06, 2020 3:57 pm

The night of 6 to 7 July – one of the most enigmatic of the year. In that moment, when on 6 July gathering twilight, begins bathing the night, during which can happen all sorts of miracles! There are three main symbols of Ivan Kupala is fire, water and grass. This night they gain special magical powers and is able not only to cleanse the soul from sins, but to heal and rejuvenate his body. Maybe you want to try for yourself the power of ancient rites and rituals of Ivan Kupala? Well, to them you do not need to go to distant lands or to master the art of real magicians and sorcerers.
Mass bathing.
Traditional rites of Midsummer very much, but the main mass bathing. With the onset of the holiday all evil Yes bad guys from lakes and rivers go, the water immediately takes on magical properties!
Of course, the night of Ivan Kupala to meet outdoors in a noisy company, and on the banks of the river or lake and not alone at home, lying in a bathtub. Plunging into the living water, you should feel a sense of joy and gratitude for what it gives you health, beauty and vitality. Coming out of the water, do not wipe with a towel, let the life-giving and healing moisture will permeate every cell of your body!
The burning Ghats.
On the banks of rivers, where there is a Midsummer, traditionally laid out bathing ritual bonfires to ward off evil spirits. In this magical night even the two most powerful elements, fire and water to forget their enmity and become friends. Jump over the fires (just be careful, don't make them too high), play in the burner, run a race, sing songs, communicate. This night of celebration of light and love! Traditionally in the ritual bonfires burn the clothes of sick people. It is believed that this ritual can get rid of any ailments.
Herbs and medicinal bath.
Another ritual of Midsummer – this bath with brooms from the herbs collected the previous evening. These brooms are called Ivanovo and they just have wonderful medicinal properties. Worry with this broom all year and health problems will not be. And just hang a wreath of dried herbs of Midsummer in his apartment. Happiness you will never turn away! But if on the night of Midsummer, you will see a fern, then consider yourself very lucky: somewhere near accurately is a valuable treasure! Looking for immediately!
Rite on the money.
Have great fun just don't sleep until dawn! On this night all the evil forces of nature and hunt you down insidious wiles. Don't allow them to do their dirty work. But at the dawn of the can and get some rest. But before you lie down to sleep, do not be lazy and do another interesting ritual to attract money. Collect all the coins and bills that you have and put them in a secluded place. When you Wake up, several times, count them quietly and slowly, not in a hurry and get your sessions fun. Then, according to old beliefs, prosperity will come in your house and never leave until the next for Ivan Kupala! You'd be surprised, but it really operates!
So what not to do on Midsummer?
First of all, to the very day, July 7, in no event it was impossible to swim in bodies of water. And only with the arrival of Ivan Kupala swimming was allowed – all the restriction were removed, but over the holiday ban continued to operate on certain segments of the population. Of Midsummer people were making fun spraying each other with water, but pregnant women, children and the elderly to spray it was impossible. It was believed that evil spirits, which are removed from the water on the feast of Ivan Kupala, can still hurt them, since both women in the situation, and in children and in the elderly body is not so strong.
Midsummer was impossible to sleep, because evil does not sleep, and trying to intrigue people and their cattle. Any minute can to take brownies, water sprites and mermaids (those mythical creatures that have survived from the pagan Slavs, prove how strong the pre-Christian component of Midsummer). To protect themselves from evil spirits, our ancestors were hung in houses and the barn, nettle, lovage, periwinkle, willow, hemp, wormwood... and even mirrors and torn pants for men. And in some regions even stuck in front of the barn a wooden stake the Most effective means was considered to be Ivan-da-Marya, as though her flowers the night talking to each other and so scared off evil spirits.
On this day it was impossible to give, sell or lend anything, because the family could become poor.
Midsummer: what not to do (history and legends)
Generally the livestock on this day, a special attitude. Yes, it was forbidden on this day to beat the cow with a stick, and that udder will dry up (it was believed by the Hutsuls).
And not to get caught in the tenacious paws of perelesnik (mythical creature taking the form of loved one), it is impossible to raise the road things it is better to leave them in place.
It was impossible not to come to the Midsummer bonfire where they gathered the whole village. Women, who did not appear at the festival, considered witches.
Black Magician Sergei Rosen.
6 Jul 2020.

The night of Ivan Kupala. 10712810

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